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Large Flammable Liquid Storage - 10-Year Warranty

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Store your valuable assets with confidence using the Large Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet, featuring shelving space for storing containers.

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This cabinet serves as a robust shield for a substantial quantity of flammable liquids, chemicals, and materials in your workplace, mitigating fire risks and prioritising the safety of your team.

Engineered from durable 18-gauge (1mm) welded steel double walls, these specialised cabinets offer reinforced protection with an additional 38mm of insulating air space. This thoughtful design not only enhances their fire-resistant capabilities but also aligns seamlessly with HSE Guide HSG51 and DSEAR 2002 standards, ensuring top-tier defence against fire hazards.

To fortify the security of your stored contents, the U-Loc handle features a cylinder lock and key set, readily accommodating padlocks for an extra layer of assurance. Each cabinet comes equipped with a versatile shelf, intelligently designed to adjust within 76mm (3”) intervals. Crafted from galvanized steel, this shelf is meticulously crafted with a strategic layout that channels spills towards the rear and base, guiding them into a sealed and leak-proof 51mm bottom sump.

These cabinets feature high-performance self-latching doors and, bolstering security further, a dependable fail-safe closing mechanism reinforces the efficiency of the three-point stainless steel bullet latching system. This ensures consistent and reliable performance that you can trust. For added flexibility, self-closing doors are also available. These doors automatically engage and secure themselves as the surrounding temperature reaches 74℃. In the event of a fire, the integrated fusible link within the doors melts, initiating an automatic response mechanism.

Enhanced with dual vents featuring flame arresters, four adjustable self-levelling feet, grounding connectors, and a chemical-resistant powder-coat finish, each yellow safety cabinet prioritises comprehensive protection. Reflective warning labels with the clear message 'FLAMMABLE – KEEP FIRE AWAY' ensure visibility even in diverse conditions.

Rest assured, every Sure-Grip EX Safety Cabinet for Flammables is backed by a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty and holds FM approval. With dimensions measuring 1651mm H x 864mm W x 864mm D, and an internal capacity of 227 litres (equivalent to 60 gallons), these cabinets offer ample storage space.

Subjected to a rigorous 10-minute fire test at temperatures up to 1,300°C, this safety cabinet allows sufficient time for a secure evacuation. Crucially, its internal temperature during fire tests remains below the auto-ignition temperature for the majority of flammable liquids. Overall, this cabinet goes beyond meeting the UK regulatory requirements, often exceeding benchmarks such as DSEAR 2002, COSHH, HSG51, and HSG140. This makes it an indispensable safety solution for your workspace.

  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Conforms to HSE Guide HSG51 and DSEAR 2002
  • Complies with OSHA, NFPA 30 and NFPA 1
  • Fire-tested and FM-approved
  • Dual vents with flame arresters
  • Four adjustable self-levelling feet
  • Built-in grounding connector
  • Leakproof sump measuring 51mm
  • Powder coated yellow
  • Galvanised adjustable steel shelf
  • Reflective warning labels that read “FLAMMABLE – KEEP FIRE AWAY”
  • Manufactured of 18-Gauge Steel
  • 38 mm of insulating air space for fire resistance
  • Exterior Measurements (HxWxD): 1651mm x 864mm x 864mm
  • Interior Measurements (HxWxD): 1537mm x 781mm x 771mm 
  • Storage Capacity: 227 litres
  • Manufactured by Justrite
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