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Fire Safety

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Our wide selection of Fire Safety equipment offers solutions for buildings, places, and outdoor environments looking to upgrade their fire safety precautions and measures, ensuring the protection and well-being of workers, occupants, staff, visitors, and more.

Whether you're seeking fire extinguishers, extinguisher trolleys, professional kits and accessories, or simple fire safety upgrades for your home or business, we stock an extensive range of solutions that protect against the threat of fires.

Who is Responsible for Fire Safety in the Workplace? 

Building owners and employers are required by law to correctly equip their buildings with essential fire safety accessories and equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms, fire signage, fire door accessories, and beyond to protect anyone on site against potential fire dangers. 

Furthermore, staff and employees must also follow safety procedures and be knowledgeable of fire escape routes to ensure a swift escape in the event of an emergency, and meet at a safe assembly point. Being prepared ahead of emergencies ensures effective defence and safety against fires, allowing peace of mind to all on-site.