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Fire Wardens

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Not only do your fire wardens, or fire marshals, need the right training, but they also need the right equipment in order to perform the role safely and to their best ability. Chiefly, they need to be seen, be heard, and be able to jump into action at the first sign of trouble.

Your business needs to have fire wardens just like it needs first aiders. You need to pick people who you know you can rely on and can manage in an emergency, and you need a few to cover any holiday or sickness. And it‘s the same whether you’re in a cosy office or in a temporary outdoor workplace.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Hi-visibility jackets are the most effective way of ensuring they can always be seen, and are instantly recognisable as the person people turn to in a fire emergency. These are available with ‘Fire Warden’ or ‘Fire Marshal’ printed on the back, depending on your preference.

Torches and lightsticks will make sure they can see where you’re going in the dark, as well as making them easy to find as people look for the fire warden.

And with a telescopic fire warden sign, it’s quick for everyone to identify where they are when everyone is outside at the assembly point.


Get Your Voice Heard

There are many ways you can get the attention of everyone. Gas horns are loud and impossible to not hear, so there’s no excuse for someone not knowing there was an emergency, or not giving the fire warden their attention.

To the same effect, an old fashioned whistle or alarm triangle will also make everyone’s ears prick up so they listen to what possibly life-saving instruction are about to be given.

And, for those moments when your voice just won’t go loud enough, you can use a megaphone rather than straining your voice. With various different functions, they’ll also sound a loud siren and others can play audio files from storage devices.


All In One

When you’re not sure what your fire wardens or marshals need, you can purchase one of our complete kits which contain everything the average fire warden will need. Just remember, when you have more than one fire warden, you may still want to look at purchasing extra hi-vis jackets so they all have one.