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Personal Protective Equipment

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  • General Purpose Gloves
    • £0.99 ex. VAT
      £1.19 inc. VAT
      SAVE £1.01 (51%)
    • 51% less
  • Hi-Vis Vest
    • £2.88 ex. VAT
      £3.46 inc. VAT
      SAVE £0.27 (9%)
    • 9% less
  • Safety Glasses
    • £1.50 ex. VAT
      £1.80 inc. VAT
      SAVE £0.50 (25%)
    • 25% less
  • Nitrotouch Gloves
    • £0.99 ex. VAT
      £1.19 inc. VAT
      SAVE £1.01 (51%)
    • 51% less

We supply Personal Protective Equipment (aka PPE) of all types, including hi-vis, hard hats, glasses and goggles, ear plugs, ear defenders, respirators, dust masks, safety boots and shoes, and gloves of all types and sizes.

Every workplace requires essential PPE gear as part of Health and Safety Regulations, with a selection of protective equipment being specially crafted for particular occupations to ensure the well-being of professional workers and staff. 

Never compromise on safety and choose high-quality personal protective workwear to shield yourself and others when visiting construction sites, working with hot works, handling corrosive chemicals, or undertaking other duties that pose a risk to your health. Our comprehensive stock comes in a wide range of colours and sizes to comfortably fit and protect users.