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Ladder Accessories

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Ladder Accessories

Allowing you to comply with Working at Height regulations, our range of ladder accessories enables you to make life working up a ladder as simple and as safe as possible. When you’re up a ladder, the ladder base is essential when it comes to preventing the ladder from slipping away from you, while it also helps to prevent damage to the ladder and surface.

The ladder guard is the perfect solution to cover the treads so it cannot be used in any situation when you want to prevent any unauthorised use of a ladder, or where you want to ensure that no one uses it when it has become damaged.

When working at height up a ladder, fall protection equipment enables you to go a step further in ensuring maximum safety. Allowing you to work in a hands-free position without the worry of falling, this equipment ensures confidence and comfortability – with the range also including tool lanyards which helps to prevent injury or damage caused by dropped tools as it instead falls to your side.

We also have a wide range of accessories suitable for Little Giant ladders, too – making life that much simpler. The range includes such things as fuel tanks, tool holders, ladder racks and wingspans, with many of these accessories also compatible with ladders from various other manufacturers.