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Extinguisher Stands

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Suitable for all types of environments, our collection of Extinguisher Stands displays your extinguisher units proudly and also holds space for extinguisher signs to allow for swift identification.

What are the Benefits of Extinguisher Stands?

Designed to prevent trip hazards from freestanding extinguishers, our range of stands can hold up to x2 fire extinguishers of all types, helping to organise floor space and stop accidental falls effectively. Each stand is easy to assemble and our Economy Extinguisher Stand range can also be affixed to create a row of extinguisher stands.

As part of this safety range, we also offer Jonesco extinguisher stands, manufactured with polyethylene and featuring anti-abrasive material to promote durability. These stands require no fixings and can be placed by cavity walls, glass or listed buildings.

For a simple upgrade, we offer Extinguisher Plinths that take up minimal space to store your extinguisher into and also feature a panel to display a relevant extinguisher sign.

For an added luxury look, consider choosing chrome fire extinguisher stands, crafted with a polished finish to gleam and glow and offering efficient storage for up to x2 fire extinguishers.

Where Should I Place an Extinguisher Stand?

Ensure that your stands remain in a consistent location as this makes the whereabouts of extinguishers easy to remember. They're best kept in visible locations to promote quick access in the event of an emergency, such as escape routes. 

It's important to remember to keep units and stand away from entries and exits to prevent obstruction or trip hazards.