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First Aid Kits

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Ensure you're prepared for minor injuries and accidents by maintaining a well-stocked First Aid Kit within convenient locations. These kits contain vital medical supplies and hygiene essentials, providing safety and support during emergencies, whether for self-application or administering aid to others. Kits are useful for business premises, home use, and even car journeys, allowing you peace of mind no matter where you are.

What Should Be In a First Aid Kit?

Depending on your needs, First Aid Kits stock various types of supplies, items, and hygiene essentials to quickly and effectively cleanse, bandage, and heal wounds. The minimum requirements outlined by HSE is kits must include: disposable gloves, plasters, eye pads, various-sized dressings, safety pins, and leaflets.

At Simply Safety Group, we offer various safety stock such as First Aid Kits, Burn Kits, Eye Wash Kits, Body Waste Disposal, and First Aid Supplies to address specific injuries and promote swift recovery. Each kit contains essential supplies to quickly address all types of injuries, ensuring you and others have all the necessary items required in the event of emergencies.

What's the Difference between BS and HSE First Aid Kits?

Every workplace, by law, requires HSE-approved First Aid Kits with medical supplies to be on-site, tailored to address commonplace injuries within business premises to keep workers protected. Workplace kits are available in various sizes depending on the size of a business and its team, ensuring that workers have access to essential supplies should minor accidents or injuries occur. 

BS Kits are tailored to meet current British Standards and offer a comprehensive range of supplies that expand beyond recommended items. Items such as the BS Motorist First Aid Kit, Personal Issue First Aid Kit, and Catering First Aid Kit feature essential provisions for varied settings, ensuring that users are effectively equipped with handy supplies.