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Little Giant Ladders

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Little Giant Ladders

Featuring a lifetime warranty on selected products, Little Giant ladders are built to last and come complete with a series of unique design functions that enable you to work safely and easily when up a ladder. With multiple different configurations for you to choose from, these impressive multi-purpose combination ladders ensure that you’ll find a suitable setup regardless of the task you’re performing. What’s more, you also have the option to slip these into two – partnering with the work platform to create a simple scaffolding set up for situations when you need to work at height for long periods.

Our other Little Giant ladders feature lightweight and slim-profile designs – making transportation and storage as simple as possible. Our Little Giant MightyLite step ladder even features a unique audible and sensory warning which allows the user to know that they have reached the bottom step.

Additionally, there’s also a wide range of accessories available for Little Giant ladders to make life that much simpler. The range includes fuel tanks, ladder racks, wingspans, and tool holders, while some accessories can even be used with the majority of ladders made by other manufacturers.

About Little Giant Ladders

In the 1970s, Harold “Hal” Wing met a German painter who developed an interesting idea and primitive prototype of a new style of ladder. After this point, Hal went on to enhance the ladder to create what’s now known as the world’s strongest, safest, and most versatile ladder – the Little Giant Ladder System®. This multi-purpose, professional-grade ladder system features a total of 24 different setup positions and is probably the world’s most famous ladder.

Hal attended several state fairs and trade shows to perform demonstrations of the ladder nationwide – all while building and packaging orders out of his garage. Working alongside his wife Brigitte and their seven children, Hal built Little Giant Ladder Systems® on the foundation of innovation and quality. Soon enough, both professionals and DIYers alike discovered that the Little Giant Ladder System was the best ladder in the world.