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2-Piece Traffic Cone - 750mm

    • Product no: VP-RTC-750
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The 2-piece 750mm Traffic Cone effectively prevents drivers from approaching roads which are compromised by collisions or hazards and also features a reflective sleeve which significantly improves visibility, especially in low-light conditions or during adverse weather.

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Especially useful around infrastructures, construction sites, and roadworks, these vibrantly coloured traffic cones are easily recognisable to drivers and play an important role in organising road traffic and alerting drivers of potential dangers ahead, helping to redirect traffic to safer lanes.

The reflective sleeve also plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and collisions on roads. Its high-visibility properties make it easier for drivers to detect the cones and navigate around them, particularly in situations where lanes are narrowed or diverted. By clearly marking off areas under construction, road repairs, or other hazards, these cones help drivers to steer away from oncoming traffic or potential obstructions, helping to minimise the risk of accidents and promoting safer driving.

Manufactured for Vigil Products, these cones are designed for durability and stability which help them remain in place even in windy conditions or when vehicles pass by closely. This reliability makes them indispensable tools for traffic management and road safety as they can be deployed in various environments.

Effectively serving as a visual cue for pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users, cones quickly alert others to potential hazards and guiding them safely along their path. Their bright colour and reflective properties make them easily noticeable, even from a distance, helping to create a safer environment for everyone on the road.

  • Manufactured for Vigil Products
  • Measuring 750mm in height
  • Weather-resistant design 
  • Stackable when not in use
  • Easy grip top for quick positioning
  • Made with HDPE and recycled PVC
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