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Flammable Liquids Storage


Flammable Liquids Storage is practically compulsory for any environment where flammable and corrosive liquids are stored and used. Thankfully, products exist which help to make hazardous jobs as safe as practically possible. This makes those jobs both easier and more efficient.

Such safety products are made to incredibly high standards, with each element being carefully considered. Most of these Safety Containment Systems are built using galvanised steel which is powder coated. This not only means they are tough enough to withstand the harshest of environments, but will also not react with the chemicals.

To ensure this, Flammable Liquids Storage items are extensively tested to ensure they meets the high standards you will rely on. Not only are they all reliable and durable, you are also bound to find Safety Cans and Safety Cabinets to suit your needs.

Safety Cans

Whether you’re working in an industrial setting or in a laboratory, you’ll likely work with volatile liquids from time to time. These liquids can sometimes be highly corrosive and/or present a fire risk. Safety cans give you peace of mind that they’re not only protected when you’re using but also safe when you’re not in use.

There is a wide range of different types of safety cans available. Some make transferring liquids from one container to another as easy as possible, while others ensure you use just the right amount of liquid when wetting a rag.

Many also have sealed lids which can shut by themselves to make spillages less likely, and have handles which make carrying them easy even when they’re full.

Each safety can has a durable construction, and has many safety features. Flame arresters, self-venting lids and current-carrying carbon inserts all reduce the different risks which are associated these liquids.

Safety Cabinets

You need to ensure that the cabinet you pick is right for the types of liquids you are storing. The yellow colour of these denotes that only flammable liquids are stored in them, making them easy to identify, especially in an emergency.

It’s vital that the safety cabinet you choose is also suitable for the amount of chemicals you store. Finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem as there are many different sizes and shapes available, which all suit different purposes.

Secure handles with locks ensure the dangerous contents is protected, and with the option of self-closing mechanisms, you can also have cabinets which will shut themselves if there is a fire. These too also have many features which ensure the contents is stored in the right conditions, with shelves which direct spills to a leak-proof sump, and dual flame-arresting vents.