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Security Lighting

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Protect your home or property with Security Lighting, which activates upon detecting motion during darker hours to deter unwelcome disturbances. Despite their small size, these lights blend into the environment while offering a powerful defence for property owners. They promptly alert property owners of any movement on their premises, safeguarding against anti-social behaviours.

How Many Lumens Do Security Lights Have?

When choosing an outdoor security light, you can choose low or high-level lighting to quickly illuminate your premises in the event of disturbances. Our range offers between 400 and up to 4,000 lumens, giving you a wide choice of options. Brighter sensors are useful for large commercial buildings that may have multiple areas of entry.

What is the Law on Security Lights?

It's recommended to install security lighting with motion sensors so as to not disturb neighbouring properties or streets by keeping exterior lights on for extensive periods of time as this can be considered a nuisance. 

Security lights featuring PIR motion sensors will activate when there is a detection of movement rather than remaining on at all times, offering protection for your premises and peace for your neighbours!