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Fire Blankets

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It was the great British love affair with deep-fried chips that led to home use of fire blankets, as they are extremely effective in smothering chip pan fires. Since the development of safer deep fat fryers for home use, (and oven chips!) the humble fire blanket has been recognised as a useful fire safety aid in its own right.

What is a Fire Blanket Used For?

A fire blanket can now be found in many commercial situations, to combat fires in laboratories, to protect people, or even just to put out an accidental fire in a waste paper bin! Simply unroll the blanket from the pouch and spread over a fire to prevent spread and smoke inhalation. These fire safety upgrades are especially useful in kitchen and cooking environments should fires arise when using oils and fat fryers.

All our fire blankets are tested to the most recent British Standard BS EN 1869:2019.

British Standard BS EN 1869 was introduced in 1997, then updated and reissued in 2019 with changes made to prevent the cheap and dangerous imports flogged on the likes of Amazon. Additionally, the scope of testing increased, giving users reassurance that a tested and approved blanket to BS EN 1869:2019 is truly effective on the wide range of small fires in Classes A, B and F, including where live electrical equipment is involved.