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Spill Kits

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An essential part of using or storing chemicals, oils and solvents is to make sure the appropriate spill kit is on site. Preventing contamination of the environment is the order of the day and with our spill kits, your site will be safe and comply with the pollution regulations. Our kits start at 20-litres and are suitable for cleaning up small liquid spills, however they go up as far as 240-litres for large industrial establishments. Our range also provides for the numerous hazards which occur such as oils, chemicals solvents and water.  

Whilst efficient and regulatory safety measures may be carried out on the premises, a spill kit should be an essential component. No matter how diligent safety measures are carried out, there is always the chance of a spill. This is where a spill kit becomes an essential tool for effectively cleaning up and preventing any contamination of the environment.

For a small garage, a small 20-litre kit is probably all that is required for the odd spillage or leaky oil can, can be easily cleaned up. Our medium and larger spill kits are designed for larger storage or shipping where high capacities of liquid are, and a spill could prove disastrous. These potentially large sites are required to comply with the EA/SEPA/NIEA guidelines (PPG26) and the responsibility is on the supervisor or owner to make sure adequate protection is available.

Selecting The Right Spill Kit For Your Needs

The difference between a minor incident and a major disaster will dictate the size of kit required. Also, the type of liquid you’re likely to encounter will determine the best choice, with multiple kits potentially required where multiple risk-types exist.

Part of having a safe site well protected by a spill kit means the correct type kit and size must be chosen. In some cases, more than one kit may be needed

Our most popular choice kit is the universal and environmentally-friendly option which is suitable for most situations, the EVO kit. This kit, made of recycled cotton fibres is 25% more absorbent than normal pads and has an ultra-low carbon footprint.  This kit, suitable for absorbing hydraulic and lubricating oil, engine oil, solvents, coolants and antifreeze.

The general-purpose kit, is unsurpassed in absorbing antifreeze, oil, coolants, oil, water and weak chemicals solutions and solvents.

The oil and fuel spill kit is an ideal choice when it comes to absorbing engine and lubricating oils, hydraulic oil and will not absorb water. An ideal choice for oil leaks and spills in and near marinas, rivers and small craft moorings.

The chemical spills kit is designed for safely absorbing solvents and stronger chemicals. This kit will absorb acids and alkalis. It is not suitable for use on oxidizers.