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Electric Car Charging Safety

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Electric car charging points are becoming a new feature in every car park – public and workplace – and represent a large investment in the future of vehicles and their parking needs. Not only do you want to protect your new EV charger from becoming damaged during an accident, but you want to prevent them from being the cause of an accident too.

We have a wide range of electric charging station accessories you can use at your home, office or public car park to ensure safe electric car charging by everyone.

Protecting EV Chargers From Accidental Damage

Unfortunately, accidents behind the wheel are commonplace and usually happen when we’re slightly distracted. You can take preventative action to prevent these small accidents from damaging properties and vehicles. Our range of EV wheel stops are best installed in the parking bays of charging stations and stop the driver from going too far and causing damage to the charging equipment or blocking a walkway.

With different sizes available and supplied with bolts for easy fixing into tarmac and concrete surfaces, they act as a parking aid to promote better parking.

Preventing Trip Accidents Caused By Charging Cables

Especially when parking at home, you’ll not always be lucky enough to park your car directly next to an electric charging point. For example, if you don’t have a driveway and park your car on the road, the cable could run across a public pathway. When this happens, you’ll often find that the charging cable is left trailing on the ground instead, and this can present a trip hazard for those walking past.

We recommend one of our cable protectors. This will protect the cable itself from becoming damaged by people walking or driving past, but also prevents slips, trips and falls caused by the cable. With a bright yellow and black colour, they’re hard to miss and ensure everyone is a little extra careful.

Other Electric Car Charging Safety Tips

There are other ways you can alert others to be extra vigilant while in the vicinity of your charging vehicle. Many of our customers use post and chain barrier kits to mark out temporary parking spaces and restrict access to the surrounding area. They’re also used in workshops to cordon off a designated high-voltage area while working on electric vehicles.

Additionally, when you need to reserve a parking space only for those who have an electric vehicle, consider installing our folding parking post in the bay. This way, only those with permission can use the haloed parking spot with the EV charger.

EV Fire Protection

Of course, you may need to also consider having a car fire blanket on your premises, especially if you’re likely to have multiple electric cars charging at once. The only rapid and reliable option for tackling an electric car vehicle fire, covering the vehicle with the blanket allows you to contain the flames, smoke and toxic fumes and limit the oxygen supply. Quick action can prevent the fire from spreading, particularly to nearby EVs, making it easy for the fire brigade to handle once they arrive on site.