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Intumescent Fire Stopping

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Crafted within various safety accessories, our wide selection of intumescent fire-stopping products is suitable for all types of buildings requiring fire safety upgrades around pipes, fire doors, gaps, and more.

What Is Intumescent?

This unique fire safety substance swiftly reacts when exposed to fires by expanding multiple times its original size to fill gaps and voids and also shield surfaces against extensive fire damage. Its flexible form allows it to be infused into fire safety tools and materials to create fire barriers that improve the structural defence for business premises, multi-storey buildings, and other commercial buildings.

Passive fire protection upgrades and building accessories impede the spread of fires by acting as a block or barrier that prevents fires from rapidly increasing, with intumescent at the forefront of passive fire defence. Available for various purposes, passive fire products ensure complete fire safety in buildings, offering building owners and occupants peace of mind from the dangers of fires.