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Wheel Stops

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Wheel stops are designed to stop us before it’s too late so you don’t drive into a wall or other vehicle, preventing accidents and low-impact collisions. They’re a crucial failsafe in case of human or mechanical error. Often found in garages, car parks, EV charging stations, and loading docks, they’re also perfect in industrial settings to protect machinery.

What Are Rubber Wheel Stops?

Often called parking stoppers, parking kerbs and wheel stops, they’re all doing the same job. With different length options available, designed to be installed the full length of a parking bay or where wheels will generally be positioned, our range is made of heavy-duty rubber for a long lifespan.

With a highly visible black and yellow design making these hard to miss, they’re cost-effective and much cheaper than the repair bill after an accident. Suitable to install into concrete and tarmac surfaces, our wheel stops are supplied with fixing bolts for a permanent and secure installation that’s easy.

Wheel stops have now become crucial for EV charging stations too. They reduce the risk of impact with the chargers, which helps avoid costly repairs and ensure charging points remain active.