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Fire & Safety Signs


Designed with photoluminescent material which allows signs to glow in the dark, these signs provide round-the-clock safety for all types of buildings. When it comes to signage, quality, clarity, and durability make a huge difference, which is why we only supply the most top-of-the-range items.

Such signs are mandatory by law, such as Fire Safety Signs, to ensure the safety of building occupants in the event of an emergency, however other signs are an effective upgrade .

What Do Safety Signs Mean?

Blue Safety signs indicate specific actions that must be adhered to for the protection and well-being of staff, workers, and professionals. These are placed in strategic locations that warn occupants ahead of dangers to wear specific PPE and perform actions according to 'Must Do' warning signs.

Green safety signs often signify safety directions towards fire exits and escape routes, equipping building occupants and workers with safety awareness, including Assembly Points. Green signage also features First Aid designs to help locate kits and medical supplies easily.

Often, signs will feature ample information relating to site safety, building safety, and more to keep occupants, workers, and visitors informed of safety procedures.

You also have an option of choosing Panoramic Signs which show graphics from multiple angles to increase visibility for users.