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Extension Ladders

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Perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach areas, extension ladders come in a range of sizes and collapse down to a smaller height which makes them easier to store and less cumbersome to manoeuvre. Our extensive range includes single section ladders, double extension and triple extension ladders, telescopic ladders, and even multi-purpose ladders that operate as extension ladders. You’re bound to find the perfect ladder to suit your needs and environment.

Designed for professionals and tradesmen alike, extension ladders are the perfect working at height tool for DIY tasks and commercial set-ups.

How To Use An Extension Ladder

With a wide variety to pick from, our tallest ladder is 10 metres, which offers the user an approximate working height of 11 metres – that’s pretty high up and well above the height of the standard home in the UK. Make sure you know which ladder is best suited to the job and environment before making your choice.

Extension ladders are also known as leaning ladders as, unlike a step ladder, they cannot support their own weight. As such, you’ll need to rest this against a wall or another surface and ensure this is strong enough to support the ladder. Even though ladders will likely feature anti-slip rubber feet or a stabilising bar, it’s advisable to secure the ladder in position to make sure it will not move while in use.

For double and triple extension ladders, the separate sections can be adjusted to extend the ladder to the required height. With telescopic ladders, these are simple to increase the height on and will secure in position so the user remains safe.