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Corner Guards

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Corner Guards are an affordable and long-lasting solution to providing optimal corner protection and making building edges and structures more visible to drivers as well as the operators of industrial machinery like forklifts, lorries, and pallet trucks. 

With their distinct reflective yellow-and-black stripes, colouring universally associated with hazards and compliant with the EU directive EC92/58 for safety equipment, corner guards are ideal for alerting drivers to potential obstacles and dangers.

While the extra cushioning they offer works to reduce the impact of a collision and protect both vehicles and vulnerable corners against the costly damage caused by minor scuffs and accidental contact.

Corner Guards are generally quick and easy to install with options suited for internal to external use.

Our versatile range includes corner impact protectors for a diversity of applications from commercial properties and public areas – like the supporting columns in a parking garage to the edges of corridors in hospitals and laboratories, and along access routes – to more absorbent corner guards for high-risk locations like warehouses, production areas, factories, conveyor belts and loading bays

Our corner guards are available in various levels of absorption and durability to suit a diversity of protection demands. 

We even stock replacement rubber for when your heavy-duty corner guard is looking worse for wear.