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Step Ladders

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Step Ladders

Perfect for tradesmen and those carrying out DIY at home, traditional step ladders come in a choice of lengths, suitable for a range of environments, locations, and tasks while being made from a wide variety of materials. With both platforms and swingbacks available, we have the perfect step ladder for your needs – even if you need to work around electricals.

Fibreglass step ladders are non-conductive – meaning that they’re the ideal choice for electricians, while the compact and lightweight designs that are available ensures that fatigue can be kept to a minimum when used all day long, and they can be easily stored away when not in use. Many of our step ladders also feature multi-functional tool trays – allowing you to store your screwdrivers, drill, and other equipment while you’re working.

With large angled feet for maximum grip and hinged metal locking stays to provide ultimate stability, each tread also features a surface to prevent slips. What’s more, our Little Giant MightyLite step ladder also comes with a unique feature that provides a sensory and audible warning that the user has reached the bottom step.

Work Platforms

Providing a comfortable working position and reducing the risk of injury, work platforms are the ideal solution for those working at a low-level height for a long duration. Designed for use by a wide range of work environments including industrial, our range is perfect for handymen, tradesmen, and DIYers alike. They are also easy to transport in a car or van and don’t take up much storage space in sheds or garages thanks to their compact and folding design.

When it comes to erecting the work platform, simply twist the locking hinges to open the legs and away you go. Removing the need to overreach, the platform increases your working height by half a metre. It ensures that you can work across a larger area without having to move the ladder, all while feeling like you’re standing on the ground.

A popular choice for decorators whether they’re painting the ceiling or hanging wallpaper, work platforms feature a reliable non-slip surface which makes it easy to move around regardless of the task you’re performing.