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First Aid Signs

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What Is a First Aid Sign?

Offering a means of communication in important areas where first aid kits and supplies can be located, our range of high-quality First Aid Signs are manufactured to effectively display where to find medical supplies in the event of emergencies. Whether you're in need of a first aid kit, defibrillator, or other safety supplies, following these signs helps to conveniently find the nearest safety supplies.

Manufactured with photoluminescent materials, these signs even glow in the dark, allowing them to be visible at all times of the day to assist individuals in locating safety supplies swiftly.

Where Should First Aid Signs be Placed?

Made for simple installation, a First Aid Sign can be mounted on walls or hard surfaces with tape or adhesive. For double-sided or panoramic signs, it's important to allow the sign to be viewed from various angles, so placing them in a suitable location is key to making the most of these signs!