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Permanent Barriers

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Permanent Barriers

Explore our selection of impact barriers, parking posts, and more, all meticulously designed to enhance safety and security on your premises while averting accidents that could result in significant expenses. Whether utilised in warehouses, factories, car parks, or various other environments, our comprehensive range of safety barriers and bollards is sure to address the specific issues you seek to resolve in your workplace.

Where Should I Install Safety Barriers In My Warehouse?

Choosing the right locations for safety barrier installation is vital for meeting specific protection requirements. For those in need of warehouse barriers, the primary objective is often injury and damage prevention resulting from accidents involving vehicles and machinery. In environments with regular forklift operations, it is recommended to install impact barriers strategically alongside racking, shelving, and other equipment, as well as at corners and around support pillars.

Strategic placement of warehouse barriers ensures that potential distractions for forklift operators result in collisions with the protective barrier first, effectively preventing extensive and costly damage. Achieving the same protective outcome can also be accomplished using safety bollards, which prove effective in loading bays where lorries are reversing.

Can Safety Barriers Help Prevent Employees and Visitors From Vehicles?

In industrial and warehousing settings, the coexistence of vehicles and pedestrians raises the risk of accidents. To address this, implementing designated safe walking routes is essential. While floor marking tapes offer a simple and effective solution, they may not entirely prevent individuals from taking shortcuts. Installing multiple safety barriers serves as an effective strategy to separate pedestrian and vehicle areas, discouraging deviations from designated routes and providing protection to pedestrians in case of an accident.

Where Should Safety Barriers Be Installed?

For optimal installation, all our safety barriers are recommended for solid surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. In car park and garage forecourt environments, these barriers and bollards serve various purposes. Low-level hoop perimeter barriers, distinguished by a bright yellow colour that is hard to miss, are ideal for marking property boundaries and discouraging drivers from parking too far beyond designated points. Offering both guidance for preferred parking and resistance to low-speed impacts, these barriers ensure the preservation of surrounding structures.

How Do Parking Barriers Work?

Whether reserving a personal parking space in an apartment or office car park or seeking a solution to temporarily control vehicle access, parking posts and barriers prove to be ideal. Supplied with keys, these posts can only be raised and lowered by authorised individuals. When in a standing position, the posts effectively prevent unauthorised access, assuming the gap around the post is not wide enough for a vehicle to pass through. Lowering the parking bollard allows for easy access, providing ample clearance for vehicles to drive over. The simplicity of this mechanism makes it a practical solution for various parking management needs.