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Fire Hose Reels & Spares

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Reliable and robust, our range of Fire Hose Reels and spares are indispensable components of firefighting equipment, offering a vast amount of benefits that empower firefighting teams to effectively combat fires and manage emergencies with confidence. Designed to provide a reliable and versatile means of delivering water or fire suppressants to extinguish flames and contain fire spread, these tools quickly and effectively fight against flames and prevent fire damage.

Available in various sizes, our collection of fire hose reels ensures the safe storage and deployment of fire hoses, allowing a secure source of water to be accessed in the event of emergencies.

What is a Fire Hose Reel Used For?

Strategically placed in accessible locations, fire hose reels effectively store fire hoses to prevent external damage and quickly deploy hoses in a fire emergency. Available in either manual or automatic functions, these reels are distinctive by design and effective in action, allowing firefighting teams to access a valuable water source to take down fires.