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P50 Self-Service Fire Extinguishers

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Introducing our exceptional P50 Self-Service Fire Extinguisher range, a paradigm shift in fire safety. What sets these extinguishers apart is their self-sufficiency – there's no need for a extinguisher technician to perform the annual service. Instead, any capable member of your team can handle it, thus why we refer to them as Self-Service Fire Extinguishers. This not only has the potential to save you money, but they also offer an extended lifespan, impressive fire ratings, and a green footprint.

You have the freedom to choose from a selection of extinguishing agents, including powder, foam (featuring the innovative Eco-Foam), and a specialised Class F fire extinguisher, all available in various sizes. Suitable for a wide array of settings, from offices and factories to warehouses, shops, and even outdoor environments like construction sites. Rest assured, our P50 fire extinguishers proudly bear the prestigious BSI Kitemark and hold certifications including UKCA, EN3, PED, and MED approvals.

In a world where time is of the essence and finances are carefully managed, the Self-Service P50 Fire Extinguishers warrant serious consideration, especially for your business. While many fire extinguisher manufacturers have moved their production overseas, these are proudly crafted by Britannia Fire right here in the UK. The Britannia P50 Fireworld Fire Extinguishers exemplify outstanding British innovation.

Are These A Service-Free Fire Extinguisher?

It's crucial to note that P50 fire extinguishers do require an annual service, but what sets them apart is that you can easily conduct this in-house, without the need for an extinguisher technician and without being stuck in a contract incurring yearly service costs. This feature proves invaluable for those situated in remote areas, working non-standard hours, or facing restricted access challenges.

Furthermore, it's vital to emphasise that P50 fire extinguishers should be commissioned and installed by a certified fire extinguisher engineer – a service we provide at the time of purchase. This ensures that the extinguisher arrives in optimal working condition, is positioned correctly, and is tailored to the specific locations and associated fire risks.

How Do I Look After Self-Service Fire Extinguishers?

Once P50 extinguishers are commissioned and installed, you can personally handle the quick annual inspection. This typically takes less than a minute, following the straightforward instructions on the label. You'll visually assess for damage, check pressure gauges, ensure cleanliness, confirm proper placement with unobstructed hoses.

These annual checks are then logged on the extinguisher itself in provided text boxes, and also noted in your fire safety log book. It's essential for business owners to demonstrate that extinguishers are well-maintained and in good working order.

P50 annual maintenance involves:

  • Visually confirming the gauge reads in the green, with the safety pin and tamper tag in place.
  • Removing the magnet and checking the magnetic gauge (the needle should move freely and indicate correct pressure).
  • Verifying the extinguisher's age using the colour date stud.
  • Signing the back of the extinguisher with a permanent marker.
  • There is also an app available for Apple and Google which allows will talk you through how to register and maintain the P50 extinguishers in your premises, and will then guide you through the annual inspection.

There is also an app available for Apple and Google which allows will talk you through how to register and maintain the P50 extinguishers in your premises, and will then guide you through the annual inspection.

Self-service P50 fire extinguishers also eliminate the need for a 5-yearly discharge test and refill, potentially saving over £100, or the cost of purchasing a new extinguisher. However, if you prefer not to handle the annual maintenance, our engineers are still able to come and do this on your behalf.

Do P50 Extinguisher Last As Long As Standard Extinguishers?

While conventional fire extinguishers typically come with a 5-year warranty and 10-year lifespan, Britannia sets a new standard by providing a 10-year guarantee with all their P50 fire extinguishers (when the inspection is completed annually). The self-servicing P50 extinguishers also boast an impressive 20-year lifespan, necessitating only a factory refurbishment at the 10-year mark.

In a departure from traditional metal construction, susceptible to corrosion and dents, the self-service extinguisher cylinder is fortified with aramid fibre, rendering it virtually impervious. This remarkable material, known as aramid fibre or Kevlar®, was originally developed by the US military and is now a staple in bulletproof vests and fire-resistant gloves due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

Furthermore, the exterior, crafted from high-density polyethylene, is UV-protected to enhance the extinguisher's durability, even when exposed to outdoor conditions. The headcap, functioning as the handle on top, is constructed from stainless steel and nickel-plated brass. Collectively, these components guarantee that your sturdy P50 fire extinguisher is resistant to corrosion and heat, while remaining lightweight and user-friendly.

Upon reaching the end of its operational life, the fire extinguisher is 100% recyclable, underlining Britannia's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

How Do I Choose The Right P50 Fire Extinguisher?

Our P50 fire extinguishers surpass their steel counterparts with higher fire ratings. Notably, our foam-based P50 extinguisher is safe for live electrical equipment up to 1000 Volts, potentially reducing the need for multiple extinguishers by replacing both foam and CO2 options.

With our range of Powder and Foam P50 fire extinguishers, you're equipped to combat the most common types of fires, covering Class A, B, C, and electrical incidents. Specifically tailored for kitchens, our Class F P50 ensures you're prepared for fires involving cooking fats and oils.

Rest assured, the safety of our P50 fire extinguishers is guaranteed. They proudly bear the BSI Kitemark and hold certifications including UKCA, EN3, PED, and MED approvals.