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Health & Safety Posters

Items: 130 of 31, per page
Items: 130 of 31, per page

In order to create a safer work environment for staff, workers, and visitors, you must clearly display Health and Safety Posters within accessible or prominent locations to keep everyone on site informed of safety policies and laws. These are printed with easy-to-read text and paired alongside visual illustrations to demonstrate protocols and actions.

In the event of emergencies or injuries, being informed of the correct procedures is imperative to assist with workplace incidents. These posters assist in various events such as First Aid for Burns, Safe Manual Handling, Basic Steps of Adult CPR, and many other workplace accidents, providing workers with essential knowledge of safety procedures. 

Which Safety Posters Do I Need to Display?

For industrial, commercial, business, education, hospital, and other workplace settings, the HSE-approved Law Poster is compulsory. This poster provides all staff members with essential safety information to help minimise the risk of accidents or injuries, keeping everyone at work safe.

Health and Safety posters, though optional, are advised to be displayed around work environments where risks are increased, such as Chemical Spills in departments where specialist substances are used.

Our wide selection of posters is simple to install by using sticky pads or adhesives and are also crafted with premium materials to ensure enhanced durability.