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Car Safety Accessories

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With our range of car safety accessories, we’ll have you covered for any eventuality, ensuring you and your passengers are always safe on the side of the road. With a lifehammer in your car, you’ll be able to cut your seatbelt and break the door window if you were to find yourself stuck after an accident.

In the event of a breakdown, the roadside triangle will warn other drivers of a hazard and folds own for compact storage in the boot of your car. Also in your car boot should be a foot pump so you’re able to reinflate a car type quickly and easily, as well as bicycle tyres, sports balls and camping accessories. We also have a range of torches and hazard lights which will ensure you can see what you’re up to if you’re on the side of the road at night, as well as hi-vis vests so you’re always visible.

Our range of car fire extinguishers is also a must-have for any car or van to prevent a small fire from escalating out of control. These are best installed in the boot of your car as this will ensure you’re out of the car and safe before tackling the flame. And lastly, don’t forget to have an up to date first aid kit ready in your car so you’re always ready with a plaster.