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Firexo All Fires Extinguishers

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Introducing Firexo All Fires Extinguishers, the ultimate solution for tackling any type of fire, whether common or specialised. Say goodbye to the need for multiple extinguishers on your premises, as our impressive fire ratings cover a wide range of fire hazards, reducing confusion and training requirements.

Our Firexo extinguishers have received full BSI approval from EN3 and the British Kitemark (and UKCA and CE Marked), making them the top choice for your home. The 2-litre All Fires Extinguisher ensures you're prepared for any situation, from your kitchen to your garage and shed. For business properties, the larger 6-litre All Fires Extinguisher with its highest available Class F rating is perfect, especially for commercial kitchens.

The Firexo Extinguishers are suitable for various types of fires, including Class A (wood, paper, etc.), Class B (flammable liquids), Class C (flammable gases), Class D (flammable metals including lithium, magnesium and potassium), Class F (cooking fats and oil), electrical fires (up to 35 kV), and lithium-ion batteries.

These extinguishers boast higher fire ratings and longer discharge times, providing ample firepower during emergencies. They can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -15°C to +60°C, ensuring reliability in all British weather conditions, regardless of storage location.

When installing the All Fires Extinguishers in business premises, place them near emergency exit routes to minimise travel distance. Additionally, position them close to specific fire risks as identified in fire assessments, such as kitchens, areas with at-risk materials, or machinery locations.

Firexo fire extinguishers are also suitable for vehicles, ensuring preparedness while travelling. In your home, they provide peace of mind for any fire scenario, be it a lithium battery incident, a cooking mishap, or a DIY disaster.

Rest assured, the Firexo extinguisher range has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the safety of people and the environment. The eco-friendly and biodegradable extinguishing agent contains ammonium sulphate, water, and nitrogen, which also act as fertilisers to promote plant growth. Any residue left indoors can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

Furthermore, these extinguishers are completely free from harmful PFOA and PFAS chemicals.

To maintain your All Fires Extinguisher, commission and service it annually in compliance with BS 5306 and to satisfy your insurance company, just like our other extinguishers designed for commercial properties.