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Lithium Battery Fire Blankets

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The modern world is full of portable and rechargeable devices, which are all powered by lithium batteries. While the vast majority of these are safe and pose no real hazard, when things do go wrong, having a lithium battery fire blanket is one of the only methods of safely tackling these.

What causes a lithium battery fire?

From toothbrushes to electric vehicles, they’re all powered by lithium batteries, including your mobile devices, power tools, toys and personal transportation vehicles such as scooters. Lithium batteries are also used as storage batteries for solar panels.

When these devices are accidentally or maliciously damaged, used incorrectly, or use an incorrect charger to power the device, these can all cause damage to the battery itself. This is why you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It’s when this damage occurs and the chemicals inside begin to react, it can cause explosions and fire – remember the infamous Samsung Galaxy phones from a few years ago?

What should I do in the event of a lithium battery fire?

While such incidents are rare, you should especially be prepared if you have large quantities of lithium-powered devices or large lithium batteries. Your standard fire extinguishers will have no effect on a lithium battery fire, with the only exception being our specialist lith-ex fire extinguishers which use a revolutionary extinguishing agent. This is deployed as a mist to create a film over surfaces and dries to create an oxygen barrier that cools and prevents re-ignition.

The downside to the lith-ex fire extinguishers is that they work best when in direct contact with the battery itself, and you’ll often find that the battery is in a sealed compartment. This is when the lithium battery fire blankets come in as you can put this over the device itself.

While the lithium fire blanket will not extinguish the flames, it will prevent the fire from escalating and spreading, as well as minimise the risks to those around because such fires can produce toxic fumes.

However, the best advice anyone can offer you – especially if you don’t feel confident in tackling this yourself – is to call the fire brigade immediately.

How do lithium battery fire blankets work?

Our lithium fire blankets are manufactured for Vigil Products and are all supplied in a red kit bag which is easily identifiable with clear text. These should be hung in a location which is easy to access in an emergency.

Once you have removed the lithium fire blanket from the bag, place it on the ground to unroll and unfold the blanket at a safe distance from the device. With two people as these are very heavy, each holding a handle, pull the blanket over the device in one continuous movement, taking extra care of the fire, toxic fumes and chemical risks.

The weight of the fire blanket will settle, and you should check that it is tight around the object with the edges tucked in. This should then be left on until the brigade arrives for them to remove – remember, this will not extinguish the fire, but will reduce the associated risks and prevent the fire from spreading.

Once used on a fire, you will need to responsibly dispose of, and replace, your lithium battery fire blanket.