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Automatic Extinguishers

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How Do I Use An Automatic Fire Extinguisher?

Automatic fire extinguishers function similarly to standard extinguishers, but with a key distinction. Instead of squeeze grip handles, they feature a glass bulb filled with a heat-sensitive liquid. As the temperature increases, the liquid expands, and once it surpasses a specific threshold, the bulb shatters, activating the extinguisher. A specially designed spray head then releases the fire-fighting agent, which can be either powder or clean agent gas (ideal for expensive or sensitive electrical equipment), effectively covering the surrounding area.

Automatic fire extinguishers are particularly effective in confined spaces like engine rooms, boats, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, and telecom installations. In these scenarios, they can swiftly detect, deploy, and extinguish a fire, often before the owner or occupants are even aware of its occurrence.

Do I Need A Ceiling or Wall Mounted Automatic Extinguisher?

The selection of an automatic fire extinguisher involves considering whether a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted option is most suitable for the specific fire hazard at hand.

Ceiling-mounted extinguishers are highly effective in delivering widespread coverage throughout an entire room, ensuring efficient dispersal of the extinguishing agent. This type of extinguisher is particularly beneficial for environments such as engine rooms or server cupboards, where room compatibility is crucial. They are suspended from the ceiling using a bracket, enabling centralized positioning within the room.

Wall-mounted automatic extinguishers are designed to directly protect specific equipment, provided they can be mounted above it. Equipped with brackets, these extinguishers securely fasten to a wall or another surface, maintaining a vertical orientation. Some of our wall-mounted fire extinguishers even offer telescopic brackets, allowing for suspension away from the wall. This feature is especially useful in areas with high ceilings or inadequate ceiling strength to support the weight of the extinguisher.