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Water Additive Extinguisher

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Our water additive fire extinguisher is the same as the Chubb Hydrospray (it's made by their sister company Thomas Glover, after all!). The popular 3 litre hydrospray has a full 13A rating, yet weights 60% less than a standard 9 litre water extinguisher. The special additives make the spray more effective, so the unit needs less water and therefore weighs less - simple!

Chubb Fire developed the Hydrospray Elite fire extinguisher, which set a new standard for lightweight, ultra-efficient water fire extinguishers for putting out Class A fires that involve wood, paper, cloth or plastics.

Ideal for modern shops and offices, they feature a special spray nozzle ensuring that, even if you accidentally spray nearby live electrical items, you won't get a nasty shock.