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Smoke Ventilation

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Smoke Ventilation

Smoke ventilation systems enable emergency exit routes to remain clear of smoke so you can ensure everyone is able to safely escape during a fire, plus they help to reduce damage. The AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) is something commonly installed in large or tall buildings, and are often found in stairwells and corridors. These can then be connected to your building management and/or fire alarm system for greater control and improved reliability.

As well as the window, vent or roof light, your smoke ventilation system is likely to include a control panel, smoke detector and call point as a minimum. This allows for automatic and manual activation, as well as being able to control the system to meet your everyday needs. We have everything you need to ensure your new or existing system is up to standard.

Plus, we have also put together a complete kit which contains everything you need – including a glazed vent with actuator – for brand new or replacement AOV system installations.