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Evacuation Chairs

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The Importance of Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs are vital safety devices that can save lives during emergencies. They enable individuals with mobility restrictions to evacuate quickly and safely, minimizing the risk of injury and stress. Available in various models, these chairs cater to different needs and preferences.

Product NameCoverWall MountFloor StandCabinet
Ego Evacuation Chair
Versa Evacuation Chair
Versa Elite Evacuation Chair

What is an Evacuation Chair?

An evacuation chair is designed to help people with mobility impairments, such as physical disabilities, asthma, pregnancy, or heart conditions, safely move up or down stairs when other routes are inaccessible. These chairs are typically found in offices, retail stores, schools, and care homes. They are compact, foldable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Our range includes both premium models with armrests and padding and cost-effective portable options.

Are Businesses Required to Have Evacuation Chairs?

While there are no specific laws mandating evacuation chairs in workplaces, business owners have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their employees. The Regulatory Reform Order (2005) requires organisations to consider individuals at particular risk, including those with physical disabilities. Therefore, providing evacuation chairs is highly advisable to ensure a safe and quick evacuation route for everyone.

By incorporating evacuation chairs and ensuring staff are properly trained, businesses can significantly enhance their emergency advancements and ensure the safety of all individuals, especially those with mobility impairments.