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Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

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Clean agent fire extinguishers are the perfect choice for areas housing sensitive equipment such as server or computer rooms, data storage areas, aviation and telecoms industries, as well as in the realm of art and antiques. These extinguishers release a gas that causes no damage and leaves no residue, making them highly effective in minimizing collateral damage during firefighting.

Where Can I Use Clean Gas Extinguishers?

They are versatile in tackling various types of fires and are generally suitable for Class A, B, C, and electrical fires (typically rated for live electrics and flammable liquids). Traditionally available as automatic fire extinguishers that activate automatically in the event of a fire, they are now also available as portable fire extinguishers.

When Halon fire extinguishers were banned in the UK, clean agent fire extinguishers emerged to fill the gap in the market. These extinguishers have zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and are considered the most advanced and environmentally friendly option, unlike their harmful predecessors.

The primary advantage of clean agent fire extinguishers is their damage-free nature. Foam creates a messy cleanup, powder causes corrosion and leaves a residue, and water leads to flooding. Clean agent fire extinguishers eliminate all these issues, making them ideal for sensitive equipment as they cause no additional damage. This ensures that prompt action after a fire can potentially salvage items, including valuable data.

Are Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Safe?

Clean agent fire extinguishers work by smothering and cooling the flames to extinguish the fire. They operate similarly to CO2 extinguishers, with the suppressant stored as pressurised liquid inside the canister. Upon discharge, it transforms into gas, combining with the air. This feature allows these extinguishers to be used through mesh or grills, enabling firefighting on the safe side of closed doors and preventing the introduction of oxygen that could worsen the situation.

To comply with the ban on Halon and FE36 gases, our clean agent fire extinguishers utilise a coolant liquid called FK-5-1-12. This liquid is discharged and rapidly evaporates, effectively extinguishing the flames by cooling the fire's source. The advantage of this coolant is its residue-free nature, ensuring minimal damage.

What Clean Gas Extinguishers Are Available?

We offer two types of clean agent fire extinguishers: hand-operated and automatic-release extinguishers. The choice depends on the specific location you intend to protect. For areas like server cupboards or engine rooms where people are generally absent, an automatic fire extinguisher is the optimal solution. It releases its contents without human intervention, reducing the risk of exacerbating the fire by opening a door. It also guarantees an immediate response, even outside of working hours, thereby minimizing harm to individuals.

However, it is crucial to have portable fire extinguishers readily available as well. They play a vital role if someone discovers a fire before the automatic extinguisher activates, allowing for prompt action to potentially save valuable equipment. Moreover, in the event of individuals being trapped by flames, portable extinguishers enable them to suppress the fire and evacuate safely.