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Torches and Lighting

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Torches and Lighting Collection

Our brand-new range of lighting systems includes flashlights, torches, searchlights, work lights, head torches, hazard lights, flood lights, and security lights – all of which are going above and beyond the boundaries. With many shining brighter for longer, they utilise the latest battery technologies, and are also more cost-effective and efficient than their outdated counterparts.

Torches, Searchlights, Flashlights and Inspection Lights

Enabling you to either illuminate an area you’re trying to work in, light up an entire field in one go, or light up a path that you’re walking along, our handheld range of lights, such as Searchlights, has you covered regardless of the task at hand.

With standard battery and rechargeable options at your disposal, they all feature a robust design to withstand harsh environments and conditions, including those which are intrinsically safe, while also having various different light modes. Our selection of Rechargeable Lights helps improve functionality and offer extensive durability compared to battery-powered alternatives, allowing you to flick on a valuable light resource anytime it's needed. Some also function as an emergency light, while others feature power banks – allowing you to charge your portable devices wherever you are.

Easy to operate, we have equipment suitable for domestic use available, as well as professional-grade equipment that is suitable for search and rescue by the emergency services. The emergency car kit provides a belt cutter, light, and window breaker in one piece of kit, while our keyring torch ensures that you always have a handy light on you. We even have Inspection Light Torches specifically designed for tight spaces, meaning you can light up those hard-to-reach spaces with ease.

Our range of lights are the perfect choice for a range of different work environments, which means that hands-free lighting is made possible. You can either secure these to a metal surface, hang them with a hook, or clip onto your clothing. Or, there’s even our range of Head Torches – including those which automatically adjust from spot to flood – allowing for close-up and distance lighting solutions.

Hazard Warning Lights

Whether you’re looking to make a potential hazard visible in all conditions or a light to sit upon a cone, you’ll find Hazard Warning Lights to suit your needs. With solutions designed for use on construction sites or on the road, they need to be up to the tough demands of such environments.

With a design that is waterproof, crushproof, and shock-resistant, our hazard warning lights are one-of-a-kind. Available in different colours, visible from over 1 kilometre away and featuring a base for easy placement, these are suitable for multiple purposes including on the roads, for scaffolding, mounted on traffic cones, or even for placement on the side of a broken-down car.

Security Lights and Flood Lights

Suitable for use as a flood light to illuminate your driveway or featuring a PIR motion sensor to automatically activate the light to deter a would-be intruder, our range of Security Lights are ideal for both the home as well as business premises. Our range includes easy-to-install options including mains powered solutions with different light outputs, in addition to a solar rechargeable option which is an energy efficient choice.