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Head Torch Lights

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When visibility is low, safety becomes paramount, and that's where Safety Head Torches come to the rescue. Engineered with adjustability in mind, these torches feature customisable bands to be able to fit around heads and helmets, helping to enhance your personal safety levels for any venture. With a simple flick of a switch, these torches brighten the night, ensuring you navigate safely through darker hours. 

How Bright are Head Torches?

Our selection of torches ranges from a dimmable 30 lumens and up to 800 lumens to light up the way to safety. When adventuring in the after-hours and nightfall, ensure you're equipped with safety gear such as a head torch to brightly illuminate pathways and terrains.

How Long Do Head Torches Last?

Each device is operated by a reliable battery that offers varying hours of light and typically requires a few hours of charging time to get batteries to optimum power.