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Cigarette Bins

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By having cigarette bins on your premises, you encourage customers, visitors and employees to dispose of smokers waste responsibly. Helping to keep your workplace or public space clean and tidy, these also reduce the risk of fire. But best of all, our range is stylish, meaning they’ll elegantly blend in rather looking like an eyesore.

And you can select the cigarette bin which best suits your premises, whether it’s small or large, wall mounted or freestanding. For the average workplace which has a few regular smokers, then a wall mountable bin may be best as its compact and should have enough capacity.

However, for high-traffic smoking areas such as high streets and shopping centres, then a larger floor-mounted cigarette bin may be best suited to prevent overflowing and reduces the frequency of which it’ll need emptying.

Whichever you choose, our durable bins are lockable to provide security and to deter vandals, as well as being easy to empty and clean. Facilitating the ability for smokers to stub out and dispose of their cigarette ends, our cigarette bins are also designed to extinguish them by reducing the oxygen so they can no longer burn.