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Emergency Light Servicing

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When the lights go out, emergency light servicing gives you peace of mind that everyone can safely find their way out during an emergency, even in the dead of night. It’s a requirement of all non-domestic premises that emergency routes and exits are adequately illuminated at all times, and emergency lighting is the most efficient solution.

And wherever you have emergency lighting installed, you need to carry out monthly and annual testing in order to comply with British Standards 5266-8:2008 and EN 50172:2004. The monthly test can be carried out yourself, while the yearly ‘drain’ test requires a service engineer, and is recommended every 6 months in some scenarios.

Once ordered, one of our trained engineers will shortly be in contact with you to arrange a suitable day and time to attend. They will then fully service your emergency lighting system to check that it is fully working and compliant.

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Emergency Light Testing

The self-test is simple to carry out and checks that the emergency lighting switches on when the main power supply is switched off. When you have a separate switch installed using a ‘fish key’ you can do this without needing to completely switch off all power. You should then record your results and contact us if you discover an issue.

The full emergency light service, which we will carry out on your behalf, involves checking that your system is compliant with the current standards. It also involves switching off the power to all lighting units, usually for three hours, to ensure the lights remain on for the whole period. Should any fail, then a new battery back-up or lighting unit may be required.

What Can Simply Extinguishers Service?

We’re able to service emergency light systems of all sizes, maintained and non-maintained, in London and surrounding areas.

Places we commonly attend to service systems include shops, offices, warehouses, factories, school, colleges, universities, care homes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cafes, village halls, churches, and rental accommodations.

Unlike other servicing companies, we promise to never lock you into a nasty contract. We carry out emergency light maintenance as you require it, although we will remind when it’s due.

Remember, we also service fire extinguisher and fire alarm systems, so it may be worth having these all carried out on the same day to reduce disruption and to fill the three hours with useful activity.

How Much Will My Emergency Light Servicing Cost?

We’re completely up front with you on how much it’s going to cost to maintain your system. There are no hidden charges and we pride ourselves on providing the best value.

To calculate your price, simply count how many emergency lights are on your premises, including downlights, bulkheads, and fire exit light signs. However, it can sometimes be difficult to tell emergency lighting apart from standard lighting, so look for a little LED green light somewhere on the body.

Number of lightsCost including attendance
1-10 lights£77.97 ex Vat
11-20 lights£119.97 ex Vat
21-40 lights£159.97 ex Vat
41-80 lights£229.99 ex Vat
80-120 lights£299.97 ex Vat
120+A Site visit would be needed

A charge of £65 + VAT will be charged for additional work required, as well as the cost of any batteries or parts which need replacing.

For a reduced price when looking to have your fire alarm, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers then contact our customer service team.


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