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Zoll Defibrillators

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Zoll Defibrillators

What would you do if someone suffered a cardiac arrest? Every second counts, and having a defibrillator could just save them from brain damage, or even save their life. Although a scary prospect, the ZOLL Defibrillators make this as simple as possible and will help to keep you calm.

Using visual, auditory and text instructions, the defibrillator will walk you through every step of the resuscitation process, making sure you can’t do anything wrong. With the ZOLL AED, just switch the device on and it will talk you through checking responsiveness, calling for help, opening the airway, checking their breath, attaching the defib pads to the patient’s bare chest, supplying the shock, then starting and continuing CPR.

It then gives real-time feedback on the chest compressions you administer, telling you whether you need to use more force or whether you’re doing a great job. Plus, it helps you keep the optimum rhythm going to you don’t go too fast or too slow.

Where To Keep Your Defib

Defibrillators are now becoming increasingly common, and are found in sports centres, construction sites, shops, workplaces, public buildings and community areas.

This needs to be made obvious with signage and kept in a dry and warm location which is easy to access, such as a defibrillator cabinet. Make sure everyone is aware that you have one, and where it is – including the wider community – so that everyone knows where to find one in an emergency.

You should ensure you know where to find your nearest AED too, at work and at home, as it could just be around the corner from you. Anyone can suffer from a cardiac arrest, whether they’re old or young and regardless of how healthy they are.

Who Are ZOLL?

Founded by Paul Zoll, M.D. he was the inventor of heart pacemaker technology and the first person to externally defibrillate a heart in the 1950s. Now, many Ambulance Trusts across the UK have kitted out their vehicles with defibrillators manufactured by ZOLL.

Made in Boston, USA, each unit is individually tested before they are distributed, and each unit undertakes an automatic self-test to ensure it is always in a constant state of readiness in case it is required.

All ZOLL defibrillators are approved by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), NRR, and BRC Guidelines and have a 5-year warranty. With batteries and pads which have a 5-year lifespan, the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator is a smart investment with the lowest total cost of ownership. Others can require new pads as frequent as every 18 months.

This is just one reason why every Tesco Superstore is equipped with ZOLL Defibrillators.