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ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator

The ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator was one of the first of its kind available, allowing for a defib to be located outside of a medical facility to installation in public buildings, sports centres, shops, workplaces and construction sites. 

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When someone is suffering from a cardiac arrest, time is crucial, and having these in the community means lifesaving assistance can be given before paramedics arrive on the scene, saving lives and preventing brain damage.

With visual, text and auditory instructions calmly guiding you through every stage of the resuscitation process, anyone can use the ZOLL defibrillator regardless of whether they’ve had first aid training. There’s no need to panic as the defib will alert you if you’re doing something incorrectly, so it’s impossible to make a costly mistake.

Just How Easy Is It?

The ZOLL AED Plus guides you through the entire chain of survival, giving clear instructions at every stage. This starts at checking for a response and calling for an ambulance, opening airways and checking for breathing, attaching the electrode pads to the bare chest, administering the shock, then starting and continuing CPR.

The defibrillator contains everything you need to effectively resuscitate someone who is experiencing a cardiac arrest. The first responder kit includes scissors to cut away the clothes and a razor to shave the chest before applying the pads, along with a CPR face shield, wipes, towelette and gloves. Plus, it has long-life batteries for a 5-year life in standby mode and adult electrode pads with a 5-year shelf life.

Once the pads are stuck to the patient, the defibrillator unit will analyze the patient to determine whether a shock is advisable, and if it is, you will be prompted to press the button which gives the shock. After this, you’ll then be guided through giving CPR until the paramedics arrive. When they do, the USB port allows them to quickly collect and assess the data to give appropriate care quickly.

How Does It Compare?

Unique as it features Real CPR Help, this works in two ways. The first is by beeping at the rhythm which you should be doing to the compressions to achieve 100 per minute. The second is that the LED display gives real-time feedback of the compressions, and shows whether you need to push harder.

With batteries and pads which have a 5-year lifespan, the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator is a smart investment with the lowest total cost of ownership. Others can require new pads as frequent as every 18 months. This is just one reason why every Tesco Superstore is equipped with one of these.

Who Are ZOLL?

Founded by Paul Zoll, M.D. he was the inventor of heart pacemaker technology and the first person to externally defibrillate a heart in the 1950s. Now, many Ambulance Trusts across the UK have kitted out their vehicles with defibrillators manufactured by ZOLL.

Made in Boston, USA, each unit is individually tested before they are distributed, and each unit undertakes an automatic self-test to ensure it is always in a constant state of readiness in case it is required.

All ZOLL defibrillators are approved by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), NRR, and BRC Guidelines and have a 5-year warranty. For use on children under 8 years old, you will require a set of the smaller Pedi-Padz which work in the same way.

For replacement pads, you’ll need the CPR-D Padz.

Please Note: Due to the specialist nature of this product, our defibrillators are not available on our standard next working day delivery service.

Technical Specification:

  • Easy to use
  • Uses 10 x 123 lithium batteries (included)
  • Battery life of 5 years in standby
  • Has a capacity of 225 shocks per set of batteries
  • Measures approx 133 x 241 x 292mm
  • Weighs 3.8kg
  • Waveform Rectilinear biphasic
  • Pad life 5 years (included)
  • 5 year warranty plus a further 2 years upon registration with Zoll
  • Zoll part number 20100000102011070
  • Manufactured by Zoll
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