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  • Floor Marking Tape 33m x 50mm
    • 81% less

    Floor Marking Tape 33m x 50mm

    Floor marking tape with a strong self-adhesive backing making it easy to apply, is ideal for marking out work areas to distinguish safe areas and restricted areas. 50mm wide and 33m long, these are also commonly used to display walking routes around warehouses, factories, hospitals, and shops.

    • £1.39
    • excluding VAT
    • (£1.67 inc. VAT)
  • Barrier Tape
    • 56% less

    Barrier Tape

    Our Barrier Tape is a practical and inexpensive option for quickly cordoning off a restricted access area or demarcating a hazardous zone.

    • £4.99
    • excluding VAT
    • (£5.99 inc. VAT)
  • Anti Slip Tape - Heavy Duty
    • 24% less

    Anti Slip Tape - Heavy Duty

    The heavy-duty anti-slip tape features a coarse surface which ensures maximum grip in heavy traffic, wet or greasy conditions to prevent accidents. Easy to use, you simply cut it to size, peel off the backing, and then apply. 

    • £16.20
    • excluding VAT
    • (£19.44 inc. VAT)
  • Green Stripe Go Tape GT0504

    Green Stripe Go Tape GT0504

    The Green Stripe Go Tape GT0504 is an excellent way of being able to marker off a particular hazard or identifying an area that people should avoid. If this tape surrounds a particular object or location, people will instinctively know to stay clear. ...
    • £65.93
    • excluding VAT
    • (£79.12 inc. VAT)
  • Red Shine and Glow Tape SG0504

    Red Shine and Glow Tape SG0504

    The Red Shine And Glow Tape SG0505 will be good for you to use to cordon off a particular area which you feel might pose a threat to people's health and safety. With its effective red and white striped markings, this tape would be very difficult to miss,...
    • £65.93
    • excluding VAT
    • (£79.12 inc. VAT)
  • Black Striped Warning Tape WT0504

    Black Striped Warning Tape WT0504

    The black striped warning tape WT0504 is ideal to place around an area where you want to ensure that people are warned about a certain danger that may be present. This should persuade them not to venture any further beyond the marked off point. If...
    • £67.20
    • excluding VAT
    • (£80.64 inc. VAT)
  • Plain Photoluminescent Tape VT0504

    Plain Photoluminescent Tape VT0504

    The Plain Photoluminescent Tape VT0504 is an ideal way of marking out an area where people should show some extra caution. This may be because there is a risk to people's health and safety, for example. This tape is ideal for use, as it will even...
    • £65.93
    • excluding VAT
    • (£79.12 inc. VAT)
  • Edge Marker Kit
    • 55% less

    Edge Marker Kit

    The Edge Marker Kit SYBA900K12 can be used to indicate the edge of a specific object. This may be the edge of a step, for example. This can help to provide people with safe guidance when they are negotiating steps. As an added bonus feature, the sign...

    • £128.10
    • excluding VAT
    • (£153.72 inc. VAT)