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Nittan Sounders and Beacons

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Nittan Sounders and Beacons

An auditory way of alerting everyone in the building is needed with every Nittan addressable fire alarm system. An effective method of achieving exactly that is with a sounder. This is a device which raises the alarm in the event that the main control panel has been activated by a detector or call point.

Nittan sounders can be customised according to the tone and level you decide to place them at. This can vary depending on the area in which the sounder has been installed. For instance, offices will typically need to be quieter, whereas a factory environment will need a louder sound.

The most common auditory device is the red fire alarm sounder which is suitable for almost every situation. However, this isn’t your only option – there are alternative options available if appearance is an issue.

Flashing Beacons

An additional fire safety device is the flashing beacon. In certain environments, this can be used effectively in conjunction with sounders. This ensures that everyone can be alerted of any potential dangers.

For instance, an area with a high noise level could mean that sounders alone aren’t adequate enough. This could be in an industrial setting, in which noise levels are often quite high. Although, it could also be used to alert those who have hearing difficulties or are wearing ear protection.

The Nittan flashing beacons can be configured to suit your needs such as tweaking the current or the flash rate. In addition to this, the beacons may be used for other purposes too. This includes communicating general signals amongst other things.