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Nittan Evolution Addressable Alarms

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Nittan Evolution Addressable Fire Alarm

When you’re looking for the latest innovations for your fire alarm system, then look no further than the Nittan Evolution system which is reliable and is technologically leading the way. With a range of control panels available, and vast range of detectors and other accessories available, you’ll have no problem ensuring what you have is reliable and exactly suits your need.

The Panel

One of the first to feature a touchscreen, this makes it as easy to use as your ordinary smartphone. Although it can be programmed using a PC by your installers and maintenance professionals, it can also be controlled using the on-screen menu and options just as easily.

This includes creating zones, naming devices, adding cause and effect, setting day and night modes, and diagnostics. It even has the ability to create log-ins, with three levels of authority. The benefit is that you can see who has made changes, and limit which actions certain users can have.

As an example, in a rented HMO you could have the engineer with level 1 access, the landlord with level 2, and tenants at level 3 so they can cancel false alarms. And because of its intuitive design, anyone with a technological know-how can operate it with ease.

The Devices

Nittan Evolution products are only compatible with Nittan and Nittan protocol systems, which does mean you’re limited to using just their devices. However, there is no need to worry as they have a vast range of devices and accessories so you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you need.

Their detectors are some of the smartest around. Even the standard optical detector features a grey internal chamber which reduces the impact of dust, while their dual optical detector using two beams of light to help distinguish between combustible fumes and ordinary steam and aerosol spray.

And their heat detectors are just as revolutionary, as are their combination detectors which have an optical and heat sensor which reduce the likelihood of false alarms also.

When picking the right detector, don’t forget that you’re also going to need a mounting base to connect it into the system. As well as standard option which is suitable in most instances, there are options with sounders, beacons, and a deep-base option which is perfect for retrofitted systems.

Call points, beacons and sounders will help to round off your system, and don’t forget the addressing programmer which you use when installing your devices, as this replaces the outdated card method.

The Addressable System

The Nittan Evolution control panel and devices are an addressable system, meaning they’re joined via one large loop. This is one of the easiest options to install, maintain and operate, as well as being very similar to a conventional system.

With each device having its own address, this means that when the alarm is activated, rather than being told a vague zone, you instead know the exact location and whether it was activated by a call point or detector.

When it comes to choosing where to buy your Nittan Evolution system and devices, remember that we’re one of the only Nittan-approved online retailers with our team having taken part in their exclusive training program. This means we know what we’re talking about.

And if you have any additional accessories, modules or other Nittan Evolution products which you can’t find on the website, then please get in touch with our helpful customer service who will be able to assist.