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Nittan Detectors and Bases

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Nittan Detectors and Bases

Creating an addressable fire alarm system that is both reliable and effective is a crucial part of fire safety. In the event of a fire, it is important that the alarm is raised as quickly as possible. With Nittan detectors and bases, you’ll be able to do exactly that. Our range of heat detectors, smoke detectors, and combined sensor detectors ensures that there will be an appropriate option no matter which environment you intend to install the device in.

You’ll be protected against a vast range of threats if you have a mixture of different sensors types. So, it’s most definitely a worthwhile investment as it ensures optimal protection against any potential dangers.

The devices can be installed via detector bases which then connects with your fire alarm control panel. This allows you to monitor your system easily and guarantees effective communication should a fire emergency occur. Depending on your requirements, there is a wide range of bases for you to choose from.

Other addressable detectors use card pop-outs to address the devices. However, Nittan bases use a much easier option to address the devices in the system. This involves attaching the detector head to the programmer which is far more user-friendly than hard to alter and unattractive alternatives.

What’s more, Nittan detectors also feature a multi-angle Omni-view indicating light. This ensures that during installation, the device can be placed in any direction.

Smoke Detectors

There is a whole host of smoke detectors in the Nittan range. Our optical smoke detectors essentially ‘see’ the smoke during operation. This occurs when an LED light inside the detector shines onto a receiver. In the event of this, smoke has effectively reflected the light onto it.

To take things one step further, there’s our dual optical smoke detectors. These reduce the risk of any potential false alarms and so are a more reliable option. A more accurate measurement is possible thanks to Infra-Red and Blue LEDs. This ensures that the device detects smoke effecively and non-combustibles such as steam do not activate the alarm.

There are also additional options available too. This includes features such as a built-in sounder, a heat sensor, and fewer installation points.

Heat Detectors

Nittan heat detectors feature two thermistors inside of the detector. One of these is isolated while the other isn’t. These particular components constantly monitor heat levels and alerts the fire alarm panel in the event a rapid rise in temperature occurs, or the temperature reaches a pre-set level.

Heat detectors are designed to be placed in areas in which smoke detectors cannot be installed. Factors such as dust, water vapour, and smoke are a potential cause of false alarms. But, this is not the case with a heat detector. 

The combination of multiple units ensures increased reliability and provides further protection against any potential dangers.


Each detector within the Nittan range requires a Nittan base as this provides connection to the fire alarm system.

Depending on the functionality you’d like it to have, there are a variety of different bases to choose from. Should you decide to choose a base with a beacon or a sounder, this acts as an additional method of warning people who are in that particular area. In turn, this reduces the need to have a large number of separate devices.