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Ear Defenders

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Ear Defenders

Ear defenders and ear muffs will protect your hearing when working in noisy environments or when operating loud machinery and tools. When you’re exposed to high sound levels and frequencies regularly, you risk temporarily or permanently damaging your hearing, but this can be prevented by wearing the correct hearing protection equipment.

Suitable for those who are frequently moving, or those who simply just aren’t comfortable with something in their ear, make sure you select the correct level of protection.It’s also important that what you choose is suitable for the work you’re carrying out and the person wearing them.

All easy to adjust, they’re designed to fit all shapes and sizes of head and are designed with comfort in mind thanks to their cushioned cups which won’t squash your ears. They’ll create a seal around your ear to reduce the impact of sound levels.

How To Choose The Right Level Of Protection

First of all, you need to know the exposure levels of the working environment. This is something which you may need to carry out a risk assessment for, or including as part of the manufacturer’s guidelines for machinery or tools.

What you need to look for is the SNR value, and this represents how many decibels the earplugs reduce sound levels by which worn correctly.

Between 70 and 80 decibels is deemed to be a safe exposure level as it means you should still be able to hear important noises such as the fire alarm.

For example, an average sound level of 113 decibels would require ear muffs with at least an SNR value 34, in order to bring the in-ear exposure level down to 79dB.