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Coronavirus Protection

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It's not just face masks that help you fight the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our full range of coronavirus protection products are designed to ensure everyone is protected and doing their part to halt the spread of infection. Including face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and other consumables, these essentials are getting increasingly harder to get hold of and are more important than ever before.

When it comes to helping to enforce social distancing measures in your workplace, see our Floor Standing Sanitiser station that can be placed by entrances. For customer facing staff, we have 2 metre Safe Distancing Mats, Staff Safety Screens for checkouts and reception countertops. You can choose from a range of signage and floor markings to safely and easily enforce 2 metres guidance.

Stock levels - Our stock level information is usually accurate but lease be aware that due to high demand, stock levels are constantly fluctuating by the hour. We will prioritise orders from the NHS and other caregivers and we contact you quickly to advise of any delays, although we have new stock arriving daily.

Pricing - Our reputation is based on having the lowest possible price on essential products and our margins will always be the same. We are also very careful to avoid fake imports - beware of CE Marks and other certification on masks. It will always include next day delivery for orders over £35. However, during the worldwide pandemic, the cost of materials and ingredients have risen to ridiculous levels. For some products, we are now paying 10x the price we paid back in 2019. As an example, to fly masks into the UK instead of the usual 6 week sea option, that transport cost adds roughly 30% to the cost. As soon as we can find lower cost products, we lower the selling price.