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6 litre Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Ideal for industrial and commercial kitchens, the Budget 6 litre wet chemical extinguisher is designed specifically for safely tackling a Class F fire involving cooking fats. 

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The only suitable method of extinguishing a deep fat fryer fire with a 75F rating, it’s also suitable for use on other types of fire, unlike others on the market, with a 21A 113B rating on Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc) and Class B (flammable liquids). On top of that, it’s also safe if inadvertently sprayed on live electrics having been approved to 35kV dielectric testing.

Featuring a hose and stainless steel lance applicator to provide a safe operating distance capable of spraying the contents up to 6 meters away. 

The 6 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher contains a potassium solution which is sprayed in a fine mist and creates a soapy film which smothers the fuel of oxygen and has a cooling effect. Plus, it has the BSI Kitemark, is CE Marked, and a 5-year warranty.

As a guide for Fire Regulations, a kitchen that uses fat in its cooking must have a Class F rated wet chemical fire extinguisher. 

You should also have a CO2 fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.

Technical Specification:

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • BS EN3 approved, BSI Kitemark, LBCB and MED approved
  • Fire rating 21A 113B 75F
  • Supplied filled and ready for use and wall bracket included
  • Height 540 mm
  • Cylinder diameter 162 mm (Overall width 240 mm)
  • Filled weight 9.6 kg
  • Discharge time 34 seconds
  • Operating temperature 0 to 60°C
  • Manufactured by Firechief